What is Bambringo?

Bambringo was designed to remind parents or other caregivers that their baby is in the back seat.

Bambringo will remind you not to forget your baby by preventing you from exiting the vehicle.If used correctly, the Bambringo Baby-in-Car Reminder Strap will physically block a driver from exiting the car.

Have you ever forgotten whether or not you have taken your vitamins, or put something in a “special place” so that you would remember? Have you ever been on autopilot when driving and missed your turn or exit? No one thinks they are capable of forgetting something important. Certainly no one thinks they can forget their child in a car.

Anyone can forget.

Schedules change; routines are thrown off. Maybe it is not your usual daycare drop-off day or maybe you usually leave your children at home with another adult when grabbing groceries. Maybe you are distracted by a phone call or text. Maybe the baby fell asleep in the car, and it was too quiet that you simply forgot he or she was there. It has happened, and it can happen to you.

This is why we invented Bambringo.

Protect your precious cargo!

We babyproof our homes with baby safety products like baby gates, child locks on cabinets, and furniture anchors, why wouldn’t we babyproof our cars too? The Bambringo Baby-in-Car Reminder Strap is the only product of its kind to protect your child from infant heatstroke in vehicles.

Buy it today!  Bambringo Baby-in-Car Reminder Straps make great baby shower gifts.  Buy one for a friend, your babysitter, your child’s grandparents, your spouse, or even yourself!

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